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Welcome to Dferrel.com - created in January of 2006 mostly because I needed more space and bandwidth for the the poker site I previously had on geocities. Obviously I have not done much with the rest of it at this point but have a few ideas in the works. This site will never be anything grand or as I often say "to write home about." But it will serve its purpose as to give me something constructive to do - rather than play NHL 2006 all the time. I very much enjoyed creating and working on my lost weather sites at Oswego - while they never saw many visitors they saved Dave and myself quite some time when it came to last minute forecasts. So hopefully I will have something to look at soon but until then you can always email me with any suggestions.

Some pictures from my birthday weekend (still working on the page but the pictures should work)
Link to Becky's Starter Site - She is currently working on it so if the link fails - thats her fault